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 We are a spiritist study group. We were set up on a voluntariy basis in September 2008.  Therefore it is a non-profit group and all activities are free of charge and open to the general public. We are the ONLY Spiritist Group in UK to SOLELY base its studies program on  The Spiritist Magazines (Spirite Revue)  by Allan Kardec and all the other works/writings by Allan Kardec  which is well over 10 books/works.  FRom Kardec's works we branch out to spiritist scientists. Since its inception this study group have based its spiritist  studies on IPEAK route ( Allan Kardec Institute of Spiritist Research).  Therefore we a group that does not possess or behave in a slobbery piety,   do not engage in  extreme sentimentalist piety.

Our objective is to establish a group studying and practicing the spiritist philosophy in its three aspects: science, philosophy and religion( please refer to subpage entitled "Is Spiritism a religion in the common sense of  the word" which is part of page entitled "Get to know Spiritism").  

We are the first Spiritist group set up in Hertfordshire for such purposes and our intention is to bring the blessings of studying spiritism in group to this county (and surrounding areas such as Luton and Bedfordshire  due to their proximity to our meeting location). 

We aim to contribute to the spiritist movement in the UK and ultimately offer the general public an opportunity to find out about spiritism and its proposal of moral/ethical renovation through the in-depth sistematised study of the La Revue Spirite The Gospel according to Spiritism and The Spirits' Book followed and other spiritist written works of Allan Kardec. 

Religious and philosophical controversies do not form part of the group's objectives neither does proselytism of any kind.  All our activities are free of charge and open to the general public. Our study meetings are held on Fridays and start at 7:15pm. 

Please call before hand to check whether there will be study meeting on the date  you intended to participate. 

 Harpenden Friends Meeting House

12 Southdown Road

Harpenden - Herts


e-mail: siroliverlodgespiritist@gmail.com

contact phone number: 01582 346 749




"By being independent of any cult, Spiritism prescribes none of them. It preoccupies itself with no particular dogmas nor is it a religion since it has neither priests, pastors nor temples. It answers those who ask if it is of any good to follow such or such practice: If your conscience asks you to do it, do it and God always takes into account the intention. In essence: Spiritism imposes itself on no one, it is not intended for those who have a faith or whose faith is sufficient, but rather it is for the immense majority of unbelievers and insecure. Spiritism does not take these unbelievers and insecure out of the Church, as they are morally apart from it already. It makes them walk three fourths of the way; it is up to the Church to make them walk the rest."    Allan Kardec